We love working with faculty members to help uncover the most effective teaching methods for their particular goals. Please contact us to discuss workshop opportunities at your institution!


It was a pleasure to have Bridget Arend as a plenary speaker at LOEX, our annual conference for academic instruction librarians. She gave an engaging, clear talk about how to remain purposeful that connected with the needs of our attendees. There not only was relevant learning theory, but also practical, helpful content that our instructors could apply in the classroom.
– Brad Sietz, LOEX Director


Plenary Talks and Workshops have been offered at:

  • Original Lilly Conference on College Teaching – Miami, Ohio
  • Lilly Conference for Active and Engaged Learning – Anaheim, CA
  • Intermountain Consortium for Faculty Development: Teaching 4 Learning Conference
  • Delta State University Guest Speaker
  • Des Moines Area Community Colleges MESH Conference for English, Speech, and Humanities faculty
  • University of Colorado Anshutz Medical Campus Nursing Educators Guest Speaker
  • San Juan College’s Convocation Week
  • United States Air Force Academy Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Forum
  • Murray State University Fall Forum
  • LOEX 15, 43rd Annual Conference for library and information literacy¬†instructors
  • University of Northern Colorado Teaching and Learning Fair
  • Pre-Conference Workshop at the POD Network Annual Conference
  • University of Northern Colorado Graduate Teaching Assistant Conference
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver and the eLearning Consortium of Colorado
  • University of Northern Colorado Teaching and Learning Fair

Workshops and Keynote Topics based on Seven Ways of Learning

  • Groups and games and flipping, oh my! Remaining purposeful amidst a multitude of teaching options
  • Seven ways of learning: Matching your learning goals with the most effective teaching methods.
  • Teaching for problem-solving, critical thinking and skill development
  • Facilitating discussions for critical thinking
  • Secrets of effective presentations

Additional Workshop Topics Offered

  • Getting students excited about active learning
  • The critical role of reflection in learning
  • How learning works: Research-based principles for how students learn
  • Effective grading: Saving your sanity and that of your students
  • Are they really learning? Methods for gathering formative feedback to improve teaching
  • Methods for encouraging self-directed learning
  • When voices get hot: Preparing yourself for constructive dialogue in the classroom
  • Teaching in internationally-diverse classrooms
  • Enhancing new technology with established principles of learning